Shift the burden of running social media to the team of professionals applying AI

We will handle the copywriting, design and posting having tied all your business profiles into a coherent ecosystem that conveys a single message across all social media platforms your business is present on for maximum coverage.

From $369/month
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Social Media Management vs Your Personal life

Quit tailoring content strategy for your multiple business accounts night after night.
Start getting enough sleep. Skimping on essential shut-eye reduces your productivity.
Thoughts on social media algorithms constantly swirling through your head won't do any good.
Go for an evening chatter with your friend at the bar to clear your head. No phones allowed.
Content generation should not be an additional workload when you're supposed to be recharging your batteries.
Spend some quality time with the loved ones. That's what weekends were made for.

CONTENIVE constitutes a proprietary system that ensures quality content creation on a moderate budget

We’ve managed to strike the right balance between our manual workforce and state-of-the-art software. Such an approach lets us automate numerous processes that AI has proven to be efficient at performing. Still, all the copywriting and design are managed by human creators who ensure the quality of the content.

Team of dedicated experts

Skilled at managing business profiles and creating content.

Social Media Strategists

Content Creation Strategists



AI-powered in-built tools

Help our experts render faster and cheaper services.

Trend Tracking Tool

Delayed Posting Tool

Posting Time Scheduler

Hashtag Generator

Proprietary Content Creation System

ensures your text copies:

  • are relevant for your business niche;
  • are adjusted to your current business activity;
  • сontain the allowable number of characters;
  • are well-structured so they provide for increased engagement because it captures users' attention;
  • are supplemented by the right hashtags which makes content more searchable;
  • are based on your competitors' best practices so you can get ahead of them.


According to the survey among 1,500 users:
Share by which users reduced the time spent on social media management
Share by which users reduced the budget on social media down from agency
International recognition
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Best Social Media Marketing Tools
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Shortlist Best Global Platform
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Get your business profiles updated with content relevant for your industry

Whether you're running a fancy restaurant or holding yoga classes, CONTENIVE's proprietary content creation system involves competitive field analysis carried out prior to crafting texts and visuals for the insights on what's currently trending in your niche so as to create top-notch content appealing to your audience.
Restaurant Instagram post Cafe Instagram post Food LinkedIn post

Here's how CONTENIVE works:

You select the social media platforms and connect the corresponding business profiles you'd like content to be created for to CONTENIVE.


Then you fill out a short form (which will take no longer than 10 minutes) dedicated to your business specifics and preferences as to the social media content for us to create a content plan especially for you.


Get your content created and scheduled in your dashboard for your approval. Leave feedback if needed for us to make edits or edit manually.


Now lie back and enjoy your content being posted in primetime directly to your profiles without any involvement on your part.


Receive analytics reports on a regular basis to track the increased performance of your profiles.


Why is CONTENIVE better at Social Media management than any other option in terms of price and efforts?

CONTENIVE's dedicated experts know exactly which tactical goals should be set for your business based on the industry you operate in;

Our creatives will craft a content plan that will fit your business particularities;

Customised posts will be generated based on your preferences such as tone of voice;

Delayed posting will be set up to reduce your participation in social media management to the minimum;

With CONTENIVE, you discharge the burden of constantly supervising all the processes concerning social media management;

Analytics reports will be submitted on a regular basis for you to be in tune with the performance of your profiles.

Keep a whole ecosystem of business profiles updated for your business to stand in front of more potential customers

An ecosystem, unlike a couple of separate accounts chaotically updated with inconsistent content, will ensure a decent presence on social media for your business to have the opportunity to reach out to wider audiences with a single message.

Which platforms does CONTENIVE incorporate into an ecosystem?

Our experts consider each platform's specific appropriation when crafting mutually reinforcing content for all of your business profiles

Business Pages
4 posts/week
Scheduled Facebook posting is a good way to show your audience that you’re active and in business, getting 5-star reviews in return.
4 posts/week
Consistent posting on Instagram helps to create a community of like-minded people around your brand that may be converted into customers.
Companies Pages
4 posts/week
LinkedIn is a powerful platform for small businesses that post high quality ready-to-share content to create meaningful connections with the audience.
8 posts/week
Twitter is the “power of mouth” platform with open-minded audience that can make your business go viral if you put enough effort into creating community around your brand.
Company Profiles
2 posts/week
Google My Business posts provide the ability to list business location on Google Maps and at the top of local search results.
Coming soon...

Haven't yet run one or another social media account?

No worries!

Our team undertakes both existing profiles and newly created ones if you’re willing to start from scratch. Anything for you to expand your business presence on social media

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What Customers Say

“I had no idea posting on Google My Business could improve local ranking, until I subscribed to CONTENIVE. Now we’re second in the Google 3-pack local search results.”

“Content creation has always been a heavy lifting for us. CONTENIVE’s experts have undertaken our business profiles and keep updating them with the minimum of our involvement.”

“CONTENIVE helped us prioritise social networks. Twitter turned out to be an asset: the word of mouth let us extend visibility to the neighbouring district.”