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Our mission at CONTENIVE is to give business owners the opportunity to strike a better work-life balance by removing the burden of managing social media from their shoulders.

We detected the problem

We’ve made an attempt to see real people behind what’s generally termed a “business owner” so as to identify their common goals and desires. These individuals don't have the time or motivation to organise social media processes on top of a long list of other priorities.
What’s why they’re constantly searching for options to delegate content creation, such as to an SMM agency, an in-house manager, or a freelancer. Eventually, these options turn out to be costly, and the end results are never satisfying enough.
Even if an expert does well with maintaining business profiles, rarely does that person possess the perfect set of skills that would allow them to assume all such processes as crafting a content strategy, creating visual and textual copies, and tracking results.
We have identified the problem
We found a solution

We found a solution

We decided to find a way to provide reasonably priced expertise in both management and content creation.
We were so bold as to upgrade our social media management service to an all-inclusive solution that covers the entire cycle of running business profiles from ideation to data analysis.

Cross-platform strategy

CONTENIVE isn't just about content creation for social media. We’ve designed all of our internal processes in such a way that it only takes 7% of the time a business owner would normally spend on social media management to keep things running.
We undertake the maintenance of business profiles to allow business owners to clear their heads and recharge their batteries instead of spending hours on the phone with some agency that doesn't even seem to have any relevant experience.
Cross-platform strategy
Having fully entrusted their business profiles to CONTENIVE’s experts, business owners are given the opportunity to strike a better work-life balance without the burden of social media hanging around their necks.
Join along!
CONTENIVE will help you establish a strong presence for your business across different social media platforms

Our core values at CONTENIVE

A passion for social media
We call ourselves social media enthusiasts because we truly love our jobs. We encourage every expert to put their soul into each strategy, text, or visual they create for CONTENIVE’s users.
Clients first
Synergy of nature and nurture
Earning trust
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