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Quality content created for each of your profiles starting from $369
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Each additional account $69
Social network Posts in 4 weeks
facebook_pages Facebook page
12 posts/mo 12
instagram_business Instagram business
12 posts/mo 12
linkedin_companies Linkedin Company
12 posts/mo 12
google_my_business Google MB
6 posts/mo 6
twitter Twitter
12 tweets/mo 12
  • –°onnect up to 5 business profiles (1 account per platform)
  • Add profiles related to a single business within one subscription plan (if you run several businesses, several subscriptions are required)
  • Subscription period is 28 days (which equals to the batch of content for a 4-week period)
  • Subscription period is 364 days (which equals to 13 content packs for a 52-weeks period)