Have your business profiles updated with up-to-date and relevant content

CONTENIVE’s AI-powered team is the magic pill that relieves the burden of social media management due to relevant expertise and affordability


Add your social media accounts to CONTENIVE

Choose up to five social media platforms per business to connect with your CONTENIVE account, and we’ll take it from there. Discover which platforms are going to best serve your business in the “Solutions” section.
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Tell us more about your business specifics

When you first register with CONTENIVE, we’ll ask you to fill out our onboarding form to learn more about your business (which will take you no longer than 10 minutes). From this form, our experts will craft a personalized content plan specific to your industry and selected platforms.
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Have your content submitted for your approval

Once created, your content is uploaded to your dashboard where you can edit it manually or provide feedback if needed. Quality is guaranteed by our hands-on experts who work behind the scenes to consistently deliver a cohesive message for your business on social.
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Enjoy automated posting that boosts performance

Powered by our proprietary AI technology, our Delayed Posting Tool and Posting Time Scheduler will ensure your content is posted at the time when your audience is most engaged, regardless of the platform. Posting will no longer require your assistance or supervision.
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Monitor your success with biweekly reporting

Through clear, concise reporting delivered to you every two weeks, CONTENIVE promises user-friendly data analytics. We emphasize the most important figures to keep you informed about how things are going with your profiles’ performance.
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Frequently asked questions

I have several businesses. How do I get content created for all of them?
Individual businesses or multiple branches of a single business require separate subscription plans just as every content plan is uniquely generated based on the location and time zone. If you have a restaurant chain in two different locations, you’ll have to create two different accounts. Similarly, two departments within the same business warrant the same consideration.
What does the onboarding process consist of?
Can I update my onboarding information if details about my business change?
Is it safe to integrate my social media with my CONTENIVE account?
Will I have control over what you're posting to my business profiles?
Still got a question? Visit our FAQ section for more insights into CONTENIVE's services.