Calculate Your Personal Subscription Plan and get:

  • Quality content created regularly for each of your accounts
  • Cross-platform strategy created for all of your business profiles
  • Automated posting set up to keep your profiles updated hands-off
for a single profile
Each additional profile
Subscription period
28 days
Networks available
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Here's How it Works
  • You are welcome to connect up to 5 business profiles (1 account per platform)
  • You can only add profiles related to a single business within one subscription plan (if you run several businesses, several subscriptions are required for each of them)
  • You are free to connect either existing or newly created profiles no matter how many followers and publications there are
  • Subscription is renewed each 28 days (which equals to 4 weeks meaning that you will receive a batch of content for a 4-week period before subscription is renewed)
  • It will take the minimum of 5 days before first post published since you have subscribed for Contenive (the timing also depends on which day is counted as the first day of the week in your country)
  • You will have 2 days to request edits (thereafter, the feedback button will no longer be available)
  • You are free to make edits yourself anytime before the posts are published (though we don't recommend to, because the content has been created by the team of professionals)