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Get higher ranking for your Google My Business due to quality content

Google Business Profile is essential for businesses aiming at outperforming their competition. Consistent posting to Google Business profile is one of the key factors of attracting potential customers' attention to any business.

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Google Business profile offers the opportunity to use CTA-buttons in posts for ever-more traffic

Google Business Profiles enriched with posts receive up to 45% more leads than the regular ones

Posting to Google Business Profile provides for a set of benefits that grow your business no other social platform may offer

If you currently use other social media sites, why publish to Google Business Profile?

Google Posts have a 75% higher reach than Facebook posts
Facebook being a social platform with the largest audience in the world.
Google Posts help your website rank higher on Google Search by up to 6x times
Google Posts help SEO redirect potential customers to your website via CTA-buttons.
82% of people search Google when looking for local products/services
Google is best to present your local products or services to potential customers

Free yourself from the difficulties of creating content for Google Business Profile

Some Google Posts get automatically removed resulting in a spontaneously empty panel

CONTENIVE's creatives have plenty of experience creating content for Google Business Profiles' panels and know exactly what the rules of the game are to make your panel thrive.
All post types except for Events get archived by Google within 7 days. Events posts get removed once the event date has passed. That's why your GBP requires a relevant content strategy and delayed posting set up to make your business reach more audience online. CONTENIVE's experts will settle that for you.

Enriching copies with keywords is essential but hiring a copywriter is costly

CONTENIVE's proprietary content creation system is designed in such a way that many of its stages are automated and require fewer manual work resulting in cheaper copywriting services.
The power of keywords is what makes Google Business Profile a powerful marketing tool in terms of delivering content to the target audience. Putting the right keywords your potential customers use to search your products/services in your Google Posts is our copywriters' main goal.

Some Google Posts look good on desktop but awfully different on mobile devices

CONTENIVE's creatives craft Google Posts in the view of what they will look like on different devices to ensure the most important information being seen.
The way Google Posts are displayed on desktop and mobile devices indeed differs. In mobile version images may get cropped badly, the text also usually gets cut off depending on its size. CONTENIVE's creatives know how to craft Google posts so they look appealing on any device.

... and get the following extra benefits

Get your competitors' Google Posts analysed so as to receive the most relevant content

Our experts will do the benchmarking to make sure your content is relevant for your niche and location to ensure higher engagement with your Google Posts.
You no longer have to keep an eye on what your competitors are posting to keep your content up-to-date. And even if you have never posted on Google and hardly imagine what it should look like and what kind of information these posts should contain, our experts will make it up for you.

Get your Google Business Profile ranking increased due to consistent posting

CONTENIVE's experts will ensure consistent posting to your Google Business panel to increase probability of your business being shown in Search results.
Google algorithms were designed to gather all the most relevant information that would correspond best to the search query. When updating your GBP panel with posts containing information about your business, your authority grows. Let our experts craft relevant content to legitimize your business to Google.

Get content created in accordance with Google’s requirements for each post type

CONTENIVEs content creation system was especially designed in such a way your Google Posts conform to all the requirements Google lays down.
There are 5 types of posts Google Business Profile provides for and each of them has its own specifics as to the number of characters in title and description, CTA-buttons, etc. CONTENIVE's creatives stick to all these requirements so as to make your posts increase your panel's authority and visibility to potential customers.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of posts do you create for Google Business Profiles?
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We craft the three types of updates for Google Business Profiles: What’s new, Offers and Events. You will be requested the needed information and other resources to make each of them personalised and up-to-date.
How do you get potential customers to engage with the content you produce?
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Are Google Posts you produce accompanied with visuals?
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Do you assist in Google Business Profile optimisation?
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How often do you recommend to post on Google Business Profile?
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Still got a question? Visit our FAQ section for more insights into CONTENIVE's services.

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