Get your LinkedIn company page updated with content that increases credibility

CONTENIVE’s experts with AI-powered tools underhand will craft customised content for your LinkedIn Company Page so you can establish meaningful interactions with your potential customers as well as build your HR brand.

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LinkedIn drives more leads to your website than any other social media platform

LinkedIn generates a 277% higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Facebook and Twitter

Did you know that LinkedIn is no longer just a hiring tool, but a powerful marketing solution with a set of in-built features created to grow your business?

LinkedIn boasts almost 40 million weekly users looking for jobs, which doesn't diminish the fact that this social networking platform has significant marketing possibilities for businesses looking to expand their reach. The following tools can help you engage with potential customers in meaningful ways:

LinkedIn Analytics
feature that puts location data into each tweet you post which ranks them in local search results
LinkedIn Ads
placed in Security Settings which makes your profile searchable by your business email or phone number
LinkedIn Articles
which analyzes what’s written your bio when dispensing search results to a user query
LinkedIn Polls
placed above profile which lets you provide easier access to your contact information by putting it on a visual
LinkedIn Events
that lets users add certain people to different groups which lets you pick potential customers to keep them at hand
LinkedIn Live
to be placed at the top of your profile which usually contain an ever-visible valuable piece of content
In case you decide on using all these incredible features LinkedIn offers, you've got to constantly get your Company Page updated with relevant content to establish its credibility and make the features truly work.

Free yourself from the difficulties of running LinkedIn single-handedly

LinkedIn updates accompanied by visuals work better but are costly to create

CONTENIVE's content creation service will produce visuals for your Linkedin feed on a lower budget than you would spend on any other specialist to receive comparable results.
LinkedIn Updates indeed ensure 90% higher engagement when they contain visual representation of the text copy. CONTENIVE's proprietary design system has been optimised to produce quality visuals on a moderate budget for your business's better performance on social media.

Crafting quality content requires keeping abreast of what's trending which is time-consuming

CONTENIVE's experts constantly monitor the informational field surrounding your business industry and ensure your posts are utterly relevant.
Social media world is fast-paced and trending topics come and go. Our copywriters research what your competitors, thought leaders and influencers in your business industry are currently posting to create relevant content for your feed.

Promotional posts don't get much attention on LinkedIn

Years of expertise owned by CONTENIVE's creators ensure the right balance of promotion and engagement built into your LinkedIn updates to get more reactions.
Any LinkedIn Company Page gets created for promotional purposes in the first place. That's natural. However, LinkedIn users expect you to post something other than just praising your business trying to make them buy from you. Our copywriters know how to make your posts both promotional and engaging.

... and get the following extra benefits

Get effective LinkedIn call-to-action crafted for each post

Our experts know how to capture your target audience's attention at the end of each copy they write to ensure more engagement for LinkedIn updates.
Strong call-to-action is half the battle for potential leads. One may encourage users to visit their website, express opinion in the comments section or learn more by following the link. CONTENIVE's copywriters will place a persuasive call-to-action at the end of every copy to get you noticed.

Get a set of hashtags picked in accordance with what LinkedIn community finds appropriate

CONTENIVE's Linkedin experts enabled by a set of in-built proprietary tools will pick the right set of hashtags that would appeal to your trget audience the most.
LinkedIn is a professional platform with its own unspoken rules concerning hashtags usage. Hashtags used on other social media platforms most likely won't be a good fit for LinkedIn. That's the reason you should delegate the task of picking the right hashtags set to CONTENIVEe's professionals that will ensure discoverability for your content.

Get automated posting set up for the time when your audience is online

CONTENIVE's proprietary delayed posting tool will ensure your updates being published at prime time to get more eyeballs on your content.
There's no one-size-fits all timing to post on LinkedIn because it strongly depends on a bunch of factors such as targeted location, time zone and even users' work schedule. CONTENIVE's AI-powered algorithms will pick the best posting time based on these and more. posting time

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Frequently asked questions

Do you take up content creation for newly created LinkedIn Company Pages if I'd rather start from scratch?
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Yes, CONTENIVE’s team of creative experts, who know how to increase visibility on Instagram, will manage your existing, abandoned and newly created profiles having crafted a personalised content strategy to get your business in front of potential clients.
How do you get LinkedIn users engaged with the content you produce?
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Are LinkedIn updates you produce accompanied with visuals?
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Do you set up LinkedIn Ads Campaigns?
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Do you create content for LinkedIn Personal Profiles?
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Still got a question? Visit our FAQ section for more insights into CONTENIVE's services.

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